Apartment daily rent Kharkov vip

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Daily price — 1850 uah

Address: 258 Klochkovskaya st.

Number of rooms — 3

Sleeping places — 6

Location — Alekseevka

High-tech apartment for rent in Kharkov. Elite three-room apartments are designed for 1 to 6 people. Located on the 4th floor of the new multi-story residential complex Admiral, on the shore of the Alekseevsky reservoir.

In this design project area zonal lighting is applied, with the possibility to combine light at your own discretion. You can highlight the kitchen, dining area or rest area harmoniously, while each one will not interfere with each other. A convenient solution with the maximum load. The apartment has two separate bedrooms and a living room. Furniture and equipment built-in, a minimum of accessories, nothing superfluous and everything in its place. Here you will be comfortable.

Reservation of the apartment is possible from 3 days. When you are settling in, you need a deposit amount, in the amount of plus one night’s accommodation. No smoking.

High-quality and stylish apartments for rent in Kharkov for connoisseurs of accommodation with comfort and style.

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