Apartment daily rent French blvd

Apartment Odessa French blvd (1)

Daily price — 1500 uah.

Address — 60 French blvd.

Number of rooms — 1

Sleeping places — 4

Location — Arcadia

Stunning apartment for rent in Odessa on the French Boulevard in Arcadia. Apartment with a number of features. A non-standard solution in the form of a glass room, how to separate the living room and kitchen area from the bedroom. Apartment with excellent direct view of the sea coast. From the 10th floor of the Seventh Pearl, through panoramic windows, the sea is on the palm of your hand. Another feature of the apartment is the fact that you rest, watch TV or prepare dinner, the coast is visible almost everywhere. Such a marine presence creates a unique atmosphere and mood. From the residential complex there is an exit to a quiet beach.

The design of the apartment is high-tech. The layout is well thought out, the furniture and appliances are located as conveniently as possible and in order to preserve space. The apartment has a good set of equipment and innovative solutions, as well as many accessories and design elements, interesting lighting and much more.

The price of renting an apartment in Odessa differs depending on the season and holidays. Reservation from 4 days stay. We wish you a pleasant holiday in Odessa apartments of various modifications and content on our website.

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